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At Rasco Cattle Co., we specialize in raising Registered Brahman, F1 Braford, F1 Brangus, and Super Baldie Cattle. Our focus is clear – to breed cattle that not only withstand but thrive in our Southern environment. We believe that healthy, happy cattle make for the best quality beef.  Whether you're planning a family barbecue, a special dinner, or simply looking for the best cuts for your culinary creations, Rasco Cattle Company offers a diverse selection of premium beef products to suit every taste and occasion. Contact us today and discover the rich, flavorful options that come from our commitment to excellence.


  • Steaks from Rasco Cattle Company LLC tonight was wonderful!!! Located near Cullman! Worth the drive. Support local! Know your meat source!

    • Amanda R.
  • Thank you for such great customer service and absolutely delicious beef!! The hamburger meat is such high-quality beef! It tastes exponentially better than store bought!! We are truly blessed to be able to purchase from you guys! FIVE STARS all the way!!

    • Jennifer C.
  • The best steaks we have ever had came from Rasco Cattle Company.

    • Jimmy
  • The hamburger meat is awesome!!

    • Cody
  • Y'all can't beat the prices or quality of Rasco Cattle Company beef.

    • Stephanie
  • Rasco Cattle Company is definitely worth the money.

    • Ryan

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